The Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to breach the occupier's defense line from the direction of Khromovo: new details of fighting near Bakhmut

Ukrainian troops recently improved their positions near Bakhmut. As a result of the assault action, they pushed back the occupants by 500-600 meters from the side of Khromovo and took positions on the dominating heights, which improved the tactical situation around Bakhmut.

The defenders claim that the enemy is now completely demoralized, so it was relatively easy to break through the Russian defense line. Radio Liberty correspondent Maryan Kushnir, who saw the assault with his own eyes, told this story.

Kushnir, who spent several days with one of the units defending Bakhmut and witnessed the assault operation in this direction, stated: the unit with which he was able to break through the Russian defense line from the direction of Khoromovoi and improve tactical positions.

"They (Ukrainian soldiers - Ed.) managed to move 500-600 meters, exactly the unit we were with. There was not one unit involved and I just the whole picture I do not know, but I know that the Ukrainian troops managed to break through, break through the Russian army defense line near Bakhmut, from the side of Khromovoye and thus improve the situation with the "road of life" that provides troops in Bakhmut itself, as well as improve their tactical positions and consolidate already on favorable dominating heights and be able to develop further success in de-occupation or improve the tactical situation around Bakhmut," he said.

Kushnir also noted that this success was relatively easy for Ukrainian soldiers.

"The Ukrainian army managed to win very easily. Yes, a local small victory in this small counteroffensive operation, if you can call it that. Because it was quite easy to occupy the Russian army's defense line and advance deep into it," the correspondent stressed.

He also attributed the tactical successes of the Ukrainian soldiers, in particular, to the demoralization of the Russian occupants, who do not understand what they are fighting for and, therefore, do not want to die for nothing. In addition, the Russian Federation is facing a certain shortage of manpower.

"This for the military may indicate that there are now very unmotivated soldiers at Russian positions and just where we were, where the assault action was just in progress, the AFU captured one of the Russian militaries, it was a mobilized man from St. Petersburg, he was unmotivated and said that at these positions they were all just like him, mobilized. There were not enough people at each position, which allowed the Ukrainian army to move forward," Kushnir said.

According to the correspondent, the situation in the Bakhmut direction remains tense. There are continuous battles there. The Russians are constantly bombarding the positions of Ukrainian soldiers with everything they have in their arsenal. However, despite this, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are standing their ground.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces have fortified, consolidated their positions, are defending and waiting for instructions on how to proceed," Kushnir noted.



Earlier, the commander of the special forces unit "Karpatskaya Sech" Taras Deyak spoke about the progress of fighting for Bakhmut. According to him, "the Wagner PMC is accumulating forces, but the flanks of the enemy are cracking".

Deyak noted that the recent retreat of the enemy allowed the AFU to enter the city more quietly and improve logistics. However, the situation in Bakhmut itself, according to him, is not the best and in many ways - uncontrollable.

The soldier confirmed that the occupants control about 85% of Bakhmut, but Ukrainian troops could potentially encircle the city.

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