The Ukrainian Armed Forces did a good job: video of massive flight of occupants from their position in the south leaked online. Video

Ukrainian Armed Forces force the enemy to flee

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are giving a worthy rebuff to the Russian occupiers in the south of our country. The defenders delivered such powerful blows to the enemy that the invaders fled their positions.

The Ukrainians sent them "fiery greetings" as they ran away. The video of the enchanting escape of the Russian invaders in the south was shown by a public figure, volunteer and blogger Serhiy Sternenko.

"Massive flight of Russians from their positions in the south. Before that, they were beaten up pretty badly. They were beaten even when they were fleeing. Video of the recently created 37th Brigade, which we can already talk about. All in all, we have transferred about UAH 15 million worth of equipment from you to this brigade alone. Most of it is drones, and now your birds are having a very significant impact on the situation," he wrote.

In the video, the soldiers are using a drone to observe the results of attacks on the occupiers' positions. And they notice a large crowd of invaders starting to flee.


"Rashists are running! Look! they're running! How many of them came out of the woods, just look! Speak up, let the guys pour more!" - comments the voiceover.

Another video of the invaders' no less enchanting attempts to escape the Ukrainian art on their own was published by journalist Andriy Tsaplienko. However, he did not specify when, where and by which unit the footage was taken.

"A company of Russians abandoned their positions under the attack of Ukrainian Armed Forces units," Tsaplienko said.


The day before, according to the General Staff, the Ukrainian military eliminated 1,010 occupants and destroyed 34 enemy artillery systems. The total irrecoverable losses of the Russian Federation in manpower amounted to 213,770 servicemen.

It was also reported that Russian volunteers in the Belgorod region eliminated a Russian colonel who was supposed to organise resistance to the "Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group". The occupier voluntarily went to war against Ukraine in October last year. He was married to the head of the city of Istra, Moscow region.

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