The stick was used: a Ukrainian drone filmed the occupiers fighting right at their positions. Video

An AFU drone filmed the occupants fighting at a position

The Russian occupiers who have come to fight against Ukraine often fight among themselves, staging showdowns that end in at least "300s". Ukrainian soldiers recorded one such brawl, suggesting that the invaders would soon kill themselves on foreign soil.

The footage was recorded from a drone by soldiers of the control and artillery reconnaissance battery of the 110th separate mechanized brigade named after General-Cornet Mark Bezruchko. The video was published in their Telegram channel (to view it, scroll to the end of the news).

Thus, the "eyes" of the drone were led by Ukrainian soldiers to a hostile position near which the occupants' movement was recorded. During this, one of the invaders came into view, hovering over the entrance to the trench and throwing something there.


As it turned out, one occupant was calling out to the other, and as soon as the occupant approached, he kicked him in the head. When his opponent fell down, he started beating him with his fists, and then a stick was used.

It is noteworthy that not only the Ukrainian drone was watching this "spectacle". There were at least three more of their comrades next to the occupants who were fighting.


As they approached closer, none of the invaders intervened in the fight: one immediately skidded into the trench, while two watched a fellow soldier beat the other with a stick.

"When the spill is not even... One of our entertainment is watching the "cockfights", these cock will soon kill each other themselves... we just have to watch," commented the BUAR (Artillery reconnaissance) fighters of the 110th OMBr (a separate mechanised team).

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Russian occupants in Novohorivka in Zaporizhzhia killed "mobik" Vitalii P. from Kursk region in a drunken brawl. Putin's soldiers threw the body of their comrade in a garbage dump where it was chewed up by dogs.

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