The parking lot of Russian helicopters was smashed: there was an explosion in the temporarily occupied Mospino in Donbass. Photo

The Russian-occupied town of Mospino, Donetsk region, was visited by a "bavovna”. The townspeople tell of loud sounds of explosions, ammunition detonation, and damage to helicopters at the Russian parking lot.

Photos from the scene show smoke near the airfield. Images and reports of the "bavovnia" appeared on the network (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the news).

Thus, the Ukrainian blogger "Donetchanin" reports that in Mospino, tentatively in the area of the airfield, explosions and detonation of ammunition can be heard. Above the airfield, thick smoke billows into the sky.

"Temporarily occupied Mospino in Donetschina. Bavovna, sort of at the airfield. BK detonation can be heard," he writes.

This information can also be found in other Ukrainian subreddits.


At the same time, in local groups, people are discussing that the Russian BK depot and the occupant helicopter camp are hit. Locals report that "pieces of ammunition and helicopters are flying all over the city," sharing information about the powerful "demilitarization" of the enemy's BK depot. Some also complain that the Russians took off and landed at the airfield in their helicopters, with no attempt at all to camouflage the parking lot.

There is also a suspicion in local chats that the location of the parking lot was "leaked" by some of the locals.


Meanwhile, so-called "local authorities" claim that shells fell in a clear field.

"Somewhere out there behind Biryuki, in a field fell. There are no residential [houses]. Thank God, no casualties, no damage," Mospino gauleiter Oleg Strelchenko issued.





As a reminder, earlier it became known that Russia said that Ukraine made an attempt on Putin. According to the version of the administration of the Russian dictator, Ukrainian drones tried to strike the Kremlin at night.

The propagandists felt it necessary to report that during the night attack "Putin was not hurt." They also assured that the UAV was allegedly disabled "as a result of the actions of the military and special services."

However, videos of the attack appeared online that completely refute the Russian authorities' claims.

Meanwhile, Russians are hysterically demanding a retaliatory strike, particularly against Kiev and its "decision-making centers.

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