The occupiers claimed a drone attack on an airfield in Crimea and an airbase in Ryazan: a crater appeared as a result of the explosion

No destruction was recorded as well

Russian occupiers have claimed a drone attack on an airfield in the temporarily seized Crimea. Also, explosions allegedly occurred at an airbase in Ryazan, resulting in a crater.

This was reported by Russian propagandists. According to their data, the military airfield in Crimea was allegedly attacked by three drones.

Two of them were allegedly shot down by the air defense system on the approach to the airfield in Gvardeyskoye. Another drone was allegedly eliminated by means of EW.

As a result, no one was injured. Destruction was not recorded as well.

At the same time, a drone also attacked the airbase "Dyagilevo" in Ryazan. As a result of the explosion, a crater was formed in the aircraft parking lot.

Damage and casualties as a result of the attack, according to preliminary data, were not recorded.

We remind that in the morning of July 17 the Crimean bridge was hit several times because of what the traffic on the bridge was stopped. It turned out that a part of the roadbed collapsed, forming a chasm.

According to OBOZREVATEL sources, it was a special operation of the SSU and the Navy of the AFU. The object was attacked by surface drones.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on July 20, the occupiers temporarily closed the Crimean bridge, with air raid alarm ringing. Everyone was advised to leave the illegal contruction.

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