"The heads were cut off not only men, but also women": InformNapalm revealed new details of atrocities committed by the occupants in Ukraine

The Russian military has tortured both military and civilians since 2014

After another video of the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by Russian occupants appeared online, the International Intelligence Community InformNapalm reminded that Russian crimes in Ukraine are numerous. Since 2014, the enemy has carried out a genocide of the Ukrainian people in the occupied territories - the invaders tortured not only military prisoners, but also civilians, even women.

This was reported in the Telegram-channel InformNapalm on Wednesday, April 12. According to the community, Kadyrovites predominantly robbed and tortured Ukrainians in the seized territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

"We received verbal evidence that the Russian military (mostly Kadyrovites, but not only) practiced cutting off the heads of captured Ukrainians, not only military, but also civilians, whom they had previously robbed and tortured. The heads were cut off not only men, but also women, who were raped before that," the report says.

As noted, a similar situation occurred in the village of Novosvetlovka in Luhansk Oblast in 2014. According to local residents, Kadyrovites raped and brutally murdered several female medical workers at the local hospital. One of the women, who managed to escape, soon died allegedly "from emotional burnout and psychological shock.

In addition, in the same year a Ukrainian officer said that he saw with his own eyes through a telescopic sight that the Russians were cutting the heads off prisoners.

According to the community, after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the practice of murder and torture by the Russian occupants has increased. At the same time, cutting off the head or other body parts is practiced not only as an element of intimidation.

"Russian commanders of Russian Armed Forces units and informal Russian band formations give orders to their subordinates to cut off heads or torture, and they themselves film everything on their phones as evidence and an element of 'blood and crime binding' so that subordinates understand that there is no way back for them anymore," the scouts write.

InformNapalm suggested that such videos get online if the accomplice of the crime escaped or betrayed, or the video was found in the phone of the already liquidated commander.

The community noted: such videos demonstrate that this war cannot be ended without a final victory over evil. The scouts urged the West not to hesitate to increase military aid for Ukraine, because our state must win and Russian war criminals must be punished.


Earlier, on Tuesday evening, April 11, the Russian occupants released a video of the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war online. In the released footage, it is seen that the still alive defender was cut off his head with a knife.

On April 12, the Security Service of Ukraine reported, that it had launched a pre-trial investigation into this war crime under Part 2 Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

"We will find these fiends. If necessary - we will get them wherever they are: from the ground or from the other side. But they will definitely be punished for what they have done," stressed the head of the SBU Vasil Malyuk.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on March 6, Ukraine was stirred by a video of the killing of an unarmed Ukrainian soldier by the occupiers. The Russians shot the soldier after he said the words "Glory to Ukraine!".

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