The enemy has intensified, but gets a decisive rebuff: Sinegubov told about the situation in the Kupyansk direction

The Russian army is suffering significant losses and is not succeeding in this direction

On the Kupyansk direction the enemy has intensified in recent days, increasing the number of shelling against the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The occupiers also intensively use sabotage and reconnaissance groups to conduct reconnaissance.

However, in this direction, the occupiers have faced resolute resistance of the AFU, the Russian army is suffering significant losses and is not succeeding. The head of the Poltava regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov told about this on the air of the telethon "Unified News".

"There is an accumulation for a possible, probably, more massive strike or an attempt to break through our forces, etc. However, our armed forces are fighting back, everyone sees this and takes appropriate measures," Sinegubov said.

He noted that the Russian military considers the Kupyansk-Liman direction, where the front line passes, as a priority. This is explained by the fact that this direction leads to Kupyansk-Vuzlovyi, where a significant number of railway junctions and tracks are concentrated. The enemy wants to seize this territory, as Russia still intends to occupy the settlements of Kharkov region.

"Given the fact that they have not got rid of their painful intentions to occupy the settlements of the Kharkiv region, revenge for the positions they lost last fall is also possible," says the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration.

As Sinegubov noted, the Russian military are trying to attack the Defense Forces, but they do not succeed. They suffer losses and are forced to retreat.


Recall that air reconnaissance of border guards poured the occupiers near Bakhmut. The invaders rummaged through the trenches among their dead colleagues. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine operators dropped a few "wogs" on them, and the invaders finally calmed down.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in the southern direction, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces soldiers entered the Russian trenches from the rear and eliminated 10 invaders. The invaders were given a chance to surrender, but they began to resist, so they suffered death.

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