The AFU destroyed a group of Russian occupants in a close combat near Bakhmut.

The AFU inflicts daily losses on the enemy army of the Russian Federation

Ukrainian defenders near Bakhmut destroyed a group of Russian occupants in close combat. The bodies of the invaders were lined up in the forest in Donetsk region by soldiers of the 77th separate airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The footage published on the brigade's Facebook captures the remains of a defeated enemy unit and the mopping up of enemy positions. The Russians paid in full for their encroachment on Ukraine's territorial integrity and their war crimes (to see the video, finish the news).

The military noted that most of the invaders had boots, elements of Ukrainian Armed Forces uniforms and equipment - obviously taken from captured or killed Ukrainian soldiers. However, Putin's army soldiers quickly caught up with karma for this.

Ukrainian paratroopers liquidated a group of occupants near Bakhmut

Recall: according to the portal russian-casualties.in.ua, the soldiers of the Defense Forces of Ukraine only in the last week eliminated more than 5 thousand occupants at the front. If it continues like this, by the symbolic 9th of May, the loss of live force of the Russian aggressor country may exceed 200,000 people.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- in the General Staff of the AFU reported that the defenders of Ukraine during the fighting on the front in the past 24 hours eliminated 650 occupants. In total, for almost a full 376 days of war, our soldiers sent to the ranks of "two hundredths" 153,770 military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces;

- earlier, Ukrainian stormtroopers showed footage of persistent fighting with Russian occupiers near Bakhmut. They do not stop filling the enemy with fire day and night.

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