The AFU advanced 2 km in the Bakhmut direction, the occupants suffered heavy losses - Malyar

The Ukrainian Defense Forces advanced 2 kilometers in the Bakhmut direction and inflicted losses on the invaders. During this week our soldiers have not lost a single position in that city.

A statement to this effect was made on the morning of May 12 by Anna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, on her Telegram channel. She also noted that the enemy is trying to justify itself by saying that it allegedly does not have enough shells, but these reports are not true.

The front line in the Bakhmut direction

As Malyar pointed out, Bakhmut and events related to it remain a leading topic for Russian propagandists.

"An analysis of reports shows that this city is important to the enemy. Almost sacred," she wrote.

The enemy praises itself, talks about "victories" and makes up stories about our military command, as well as lies about the lack of weapons in the occupation forces, which probably aims to justify the real situation.

"And the real situation during the week is that in spite of the availability of weapons :

- the enemy failed to carry out its plans;

- the enemy suffered heavy losses of manpower;

- our defenders advanced in the Bakhmut direction by 2 km;

- we did not lose any position in Bakhmut this week," Malyar wrote.

Bakhmut, map from the Institute for the Study of War


- The Institute for the Study of War reported that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have broken through some Russian lines in local counterattacks near Bakhmut.

- The owner of the terrorist PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin said that in this direction everything is developing according to the worst-case scenario for Russia.

- The commander of the Ground Forces of the AFU Alexander Syrsky earlier also confirmed that the invaders retreated up to 2 km to their rear, but did not indicate exactly in which areas of the front around Bakhmut it happened.

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