Syrsky: our task is to prevent the capture of Bakhmut before May 9

Syrsky told about the situation in Bakhmut
Syrsky told about the situation in Bakhmut

The heavy defense in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, continues. The Russians hope to capture the city before May 9, and the task of the Ukrainian Defense Forces is to prevent this.

This was stated by the commander of the Ground Forces of the AFU Oleksandr Syrsky on May 7. On his Telegram channel, he said that the day before he had visited Ukrainian soldiers in combat areas and met with commanders of combat units.

Syrsky made a work trip

According to the colonel general, now it is important to make decisions and predict the actions of the enemy as quickly as possible. "Communicating live with commanders allows us to understand the situation in detail and plan future actions," he noted.

Syrsky confirmed that the occupiers have increased the intensity of shelling from heavy weapons, started using more advanced equipment, and are regrouping troops.

"This shows that the enemy is not going to change its plans and is doing everything possible to take control of Bakhmut and continue offensives," the military officer pointed out.

He stated that, as of May 7, the Defense Forces are succeeding in thwarting the enemy's plans in the Bakhmut direction.

The commander of the Ground Forces of the AFU met with the military
Syrsky awarded soldiers of the AFU


"The main strength of any army is people who are morally confident in themselves and in victory. Our army is based on such people. Together we will win," said the colonel-general.

The front line near Bakhmut


- On May 6, fighters of the Belarussian "Terror" battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that they had seized trenches along the "road of life" near the village of Khromovo near Bakhmut, which the occupants controlled. The defenders made a sweep of the enemy fortifications.

- The speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Cherevaty said that the Vagner PMC in the Bakhmut direction is still using the tactics of the infantry shaft in order to move forward.

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