Switzerland may allow re-export of weapons, but there are nuances: details of an important amendment to the law for Ukraine

Switzerland will allow arms re-export

The Council of Cantons in Switzerland wants to allow the transfer of military material purchased in the country to other countries under certain conditions. In particular, the condition is that the destination country must not be involved in a military conflict.

This is reported by the publication Nau. The relevant decision was approved by the Council of Cantons of Switzerland with 22 votes against 17 and 4 abstentions. The period of validity of the declarations on the re-export ban for the country should be limited to five years.

The condition stipulates that the country to which the military material is re-exported is not involved in the conflict. And that human rights are not seriously violated or someone uses their right to self-defense.

Thus, due to Russia's attack on our country and a full-scale war, it will be impossible for other countries to export military material to Ukraine. For example, Germany wanted to transfer Swiss ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft tank to Ukraine.

Now the initiative in this matter returns to the Security Policy Commission of the National Council. In February, it recommended the refusal.

Earlier it was reported that the Swiss parliament voted against an amendment to the law that would have allowed third countries to transfer arms produced in Switzerland to Ukraine.

Recall that Switzerland does not exclude the possibility of using the Central Bank's money for the reconstruction of Ukraine. We are talking about the amount of about 8.3 billion dollars.

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