Storm Shadow missiles get results, but Ukraine needs ATACMS - Ihnat

Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles to successfully repel Russian attacks

The past 24 hours have been relatively quiet in Ukraine. The occupants used various types of weapons during shelling, in particular S-300 missiles in .

Yurii Ihnat, speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said this on the air of the nationwide TV marathon "Unified News". Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles to successfully respond to this type of missile, which are fast and pose a serious threat.

"The response to such a complex must be quick, because the missile flies for quite a short time. We recently saw what an invasion of missiles was fired by the enemy - more than fifty from different directions," Ihnat said.

The speaker said that Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles, which are used in the operational-tactical complex and have a range of up to 300 kilometres. These missiles can be guided by HIMARS. Ignatiy noted that these missiles leave no chance for the enemy, as they are capable of destroying their rear control centres, command centres, ammunition depots and other facilities. He noted that the Ukrainian forces already have long-range Storm Shadow missiles in the armed forces, which have also shown good results.

"We have long-range missiles in the form of Storm Shadow cruise missiles, thanks to which we have a positive result. Interrupting the enemy's logistical routes is key to our success, while at the same time having an advantage in the air. Our pilots at the beginning of the large-scale invasion destroyed the Russian convoys very quickly and effectively through air raids Today aviation and long-range weapons are very important for Ukraine The long-range missiles we had in service were Tochka-U. They have a range of 120 kilometres, we still use them. Russia has Iskanders-M and aeroballistic Kinzhal," said Ihnat.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar said that on 24 June the Eastern grouping of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an offensive in several directions simultaneously. In particular, Ukrainian soldiers advanced towards Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bakhmut, Bohdanivka, Yagidne, Klishchiivka and Kurdyumivka at different parts of the front.

We would remind you that for the first time the AFU liberated territory that had been in the "grey zone" before the full-scale invasion.

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