"She became a symbol of invincibility": the network told about a young defender of Ukraine who lost her leg in the war but did not give up

A strong story about soldier Ruslana Danilkina was told online

The network shared an inspiring story about Ruslana Danilkina, a soldier who has become a true symbol of Ukrainian invincibility. The girl lost her leg at the front, but she did not give up and is preparing to undergo rehabilitation and prosthetics.

Photographers Konstantin and Vlada Liberov told about the brave defender on their Instagram page. The girl reportedly joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the first days of the full-scale invasion.

Ruslana joined the military at the age of 18. She was appointed a communications operator and worked in the Zaporizhzhia direction, and later transferred to the Kherson region. On February 10, while performing a combat mission, her car came under mortar attack. As a result, the defender was seriously injured and lost her leg.

The girl said that after losing her limb, she did not want to live. She did not know how society would perceive her.

"After I was brought to the hospital, the surgeon said: "10 more seconds and we would not have saved her". In the first days after I came to, I didn't want to live. I was afraid that the world would not accept me and would look at me as a disabled person, no one would need me. I didn't know what to do and how I could overcome it," Ruslana said earlier on the social network.

However, she was determined to fight to become an example for all those who, like her, lost their limbs during the war. Ruslana is undergoing treatment in Odesa and is preparing for a difficult process of rehabilitation and prosthetics.

"There is a lot of work ahead, extremely difficult rehabilitation and prosthetics. But we have no doubt that this girl will not deviate from the path she has set for herself. And she will be able to become a symbol of invincibility. She already is, in fact. It is because of people like Rusya that we have not been broken for a year now. And they never will," the photographers wrote on their page.


Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, for the first time, a prosthesis was implanted into a patient's bone. The patient is 56-year-old Armed Forces captain Ihor Krupnov, who lost both legs in the war with Russia. Doctors promise that the soldier will be able to walk in six months.

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