Series of explosions occurred near the occupied Mariupol: about 50 invaders could have been killed, dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene

"Cotton" has become a frequent visitor to the occupiers

The temporarily occupied Mariupol district was hit by shelling for the second time in a day. Around 5pm on May 13, local residents heard at least 6-7 powerful explosions from Nikolske. Later, it became known about the arrivals near the village of Respublika, where about 50 occupants were killed.

Local chat rooms reported a possible arrival at the warehouses and the detonation of ammunition. The "cotton" was reported by the advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko, and activists of the Mariupol resistance.

"Mariupol resistance reports a low explosion in the Mariupol district. What a wonderful evening. Rashists, what is wrong with your f*cking face?" Andriushchenko asked.

The local group "Mariupol. Resistance" group said that at least 6-7 explosions occurred around 17:00 from the direction of Nikolske.

"Twenty minutes ago there were 6-7 explosions from the direction of Nikolske," the group said in a statement at 17:27.


Meanwhile, local chat rooms are discussing a "100% hit" on the village of Respublika. The ammunition depot was hit first, so the houses in the village shake from the powerful detonation.

"We heard it more than 5 times in Nikolske. In the village of Respublika, houses are shaking," noted Mariupol. Resistance, supporting the statement with a screenshot of a discussion in one of the local groups.


Later, Mariupol. Resistance" clarified that the invaders may have losses.

"There are reports of 'smoke' in the Respublika. They say something is burning strongly. And there is an active movement of ambulances and military. They say it's from the side where the military were based," the statement said.

Later, Andriushchenko confirmed his arrival at the club building in the village of Respublika, which was the location of the Russian occupiers.

"There were a lot of them there. The collaborators complain that the locals bring them. Oh, that's news. It's just that Mariupol and the district are Ukraine. And the occupiers are not very welcome here. To be continued," he wrote.

The Mariupol City Council clarified that the explosions occurred in the Nikolske territorial community, near the village of Respublika.

More than 20 ambulances from occupied Mariupol and the district were sent there after the "cotton". There may be a large number of injured invaders at the arrival site, and about 50 occupiers have been eliminated.


The morning was no less noisy for the occupiers. They heard "cotton" in Mariupol and Luhansk. In Mariupol, at least two powerful explosions were heard, one of them from Azovstal.

In Luhansk, an old building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy, which has been occupied by Russian invaders since 2015, was hit.

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