Series of explosions in occupied Henichesk, smoke column rises. Video

New ''cotton'' in Henichesk

In the temporarily occupied part of Kherson, the Russian invaders continue to face troubles. Another "cotton" was reported from Henichesk on 23 June.

A fire broke out after the explosions, and a thick column of black smoke rose into the sky. Video from the temporarily occupied southern city was posted online.

"It's not easy for the Rashists in Henichesk," the authors of one of the Ukrainian publics ironically wrote.

Russian propagandists confirmed the "cotton". According to them, there were "at least four explosions". The propagandists did not specify where exactly the bomb landed, but showed a video from the scene.

The post was deleted a few minutes later: it is possible that the propagandists had shown something unnecessary in the video or had refuted official statements about the "successful work of air defence" or the "lens effect" in advance.

At the same time, some Ukrainian publics wrote about the possible arrival of invaders at the military base.

In a Henichesk z-chat, people note that there are many ambulances driving around the city and wonder where the "world's best Russian air defence" has gone.


It is not yet known where the "greeting" for the occupiers arrived. The consequences of the "cotton" are also being established.



As a reminder, on 18 June, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck a huge Russian depot in the village of Rykovo near Henichesk. The invaders had been bringing ammunition and weapons there for months.

Later, it became known that 2,500 tonnes of ammunition had been destroyed in the air raids. About 90% of the Russian stockpiles in Rykovo were blown up. Most of them were shells for tanks, cannon, howitzers, rocket artillery, mines, etc. The attack on Rykovo also destroyed 170 Kornet systems and their ammunition.

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