SBU CI officers spectacularly destroyed enemy BUK-M1 and three TOR-2M systems. Video from the air

SBU CI officers spectacularly destroy Russian equipment

Ukrainian servicemen continue to inflict huge losses in personnel and equipment on the Russian terrorist army. In particular, the Security Service's counterintelligence officers play a huge role in reducing Putin's army.

The military showed how they destroyed four units of anti-aircraft missile systems of the Russian occupiers with precision shots. This was reported by the SBU press service (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

SBU counterintelligence officers turned a BUK-M1 surface-to-air missile system and three TOR-2M systems of the Russian occupation army into scrap metal. One TOR tried to shoot down a kamikaze drone of Ukrainian defenders. However, thanks to the skill of the UAV operator, the UAV was saved and manually diverted from the enemy missile.

After that, the kamikaze drone "captured" the target and caught up with the Russian anti-aircraft missile system, which was trying to hide from the Ukrainian military at that moment.

The SBU military counterintelligence officers also destroyed a number of other enemy vehicles. The unit's fighters eliminated three Nona self-propelled artillery systems, three armoured personnel carriers, two tanks, an electronic warfare station and enemy fortifications.

In addition, in cooperation with the Armed Forces artillery, SBU counterintelligence officers adjusted fire and destroyed another 84 units of enemy weapons. Among them: 7 tanks, 6 Grad multiple rocket launcher systems and 6 self-propelled artillery systems. The enemy also lost 11 cannons and 21 armoured vehicles and other equipment.


Earlier it was reported that the SBU special forces are throwing "gifts" at the Russian occupiers from the sky. The servicemen of the Special Operations Centre "A" effectively destroy the equipment along with the personnel.

As a reminder, Ukrainian aviation struck at the Russian invaders in Kherson region. The enemy's manpower concentration in the Skadovsk district was hit.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on June 2, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated 560 occupants, 32 enemy artillery systems and a number of other types of enemy equipment and weapons. In particular, 10 tanks and units of special equipment, almost 30 operational and tactical UAVs, 22 vehicles, 7 MLRS, and 12 armoured fighting vehicles were destroyed.

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