"Russia's weakness is obvious": Zelenskyy reacts to Prigozhin's "mutiny" and delivers a "verdict" on the Kremlin

Zelenskyy reacts to Prigozhin's ''mutiny'' and delivers a ''verdict'' to the Kremlin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reacted to the confrontation between two Russian war criminals, Sergey Shoygu and Yevgeny Prigozhin. The head of state said that this situation showed Russia's weakness.

Zelenskyy stressed that the Russian Federation started destroying itself when it chose the path of evil. The president wrote about this in his Telegram.

The head of state noted that first the terrorist state Russia invaded Ukraine to destroy cities and kill civilians. Now the Russian leadership is forced to barricade itself in the Moscow region from those it has armed itself.

"Russia has long masked with propaganda the weakness and stupidity of its rule. And now there is so much chaos that no lie can conceal it. And all of this is one man, who frightens over and over again about 1917, although he cannot lead to anything else at all", said the President.

The President also stressed that the longer the aggressor country of the Russian Federation keeps its troops on the territory of Ukraine, the more problems it will get. Zelenskyy also assured that our country is capable of shielding Europe from Russian evil and chaos.

"Russia's weakness is obvious. A full-blown weakness. And the longer Russia keeps its troops and mercenaries on our soil, the more chaos, pain and problems it will get for itself later. This, too, is obvious. Ukraine is capable of shielding Europe from the spread of Russian evil and chaos," the president said.

Recall that a confrontation between the Wagner PMC and the Russian Defense Ministry is escalating in Russia. After the announcement of the owner of the PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin about the intention to "deal" with the military command of Russia, the armed men appeared in Rostov-on-Don and surrounded the headquarters of the Southern Military District, as well as a number of buildings, including the Interior Ministry, the FSB and the city administration.

On the previous day, Prigozhin accused the Russian Defence Ministry of shelling the positions of the Wagner PMC, which allegedly led to the death and injury of a large number of mercenaries. The Defence Ministry called the accusations a provocation. However, "Putin's cook" announced that he would take revenge and "liberate Russia".

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry's GUR said that the revolt of Wagner PMC owner Yevgeniy Prigozhin in Russia and his "march" on Rostov and Voronezh are signs of the collapse of the regime of the country's aggressor president Vladimir Putin. Furthermore, the "military coup" was a direct consequence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- A case has been opened against Prigozhin in Russia for calling for sedition, while the FSB has called for Wagner mercenaries to detain their leader.

- A "Fortress" plan has been declared in Moscow and the Rostov region.

- Putin gave an urgent address on the morning of 24 June, saying that Russia was allegedly "betrayed" by "unbridled ambition" and "turmoil" threatened the aggressor country. He promised "tough action" and "imminent punishment" for "criminal actions".

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