Russian occupants are deeply entrenched in Luhansk Oblast because of the panic concerning the counterattack by the AFU - Gaidai

The Russian occupation forces in Luhansk region, in anticipation of a counterattack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have built a network of defenses that our troops will not easily pass. Trenches, dugouts - every forest belt in the region is mined or dug by the occupants.

Sergei Gaidai, former chairman of the Luhansk OVA, spoke about this. He paid tribute to the occupation army - they know how to burrow into the ground.

At the same time, he noted that Ukrainian troops have learned well how to "smoke out" the enemy from such fortifications, although it will be "difficult" because the Russian Federation had six months to build the defense.

"Some of our units are like aces working with drones, and within a week they are so nightmare for the Russians that they run away, or commit suicide to avoid living in the hell they are in," Gaidai said.

"Yes, Russia is a huge military machine, but it remains Soviet. The Ukrainian Defense Forces are, after all, almost entirely Western-style," the former Luhansk Region head remarked.

Recall: the morning of May 13 in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine began with a "clap. Loud explosions rang out in temporarily occupied Luhansk, after which thick smoke rose over the city, and Russian propagandists reported coming at the "rear base" of the occupiers - the building of the Luhansk Academy of Internal Affairs.

"As a result of today's shelling, the AFU hit the old building of the Luhansk Academy of Internal Affairs. Since 2015, the military was located there, now the academy itself is based in the center, reported the RT correspondent. According to preliminary data, there may be dead and wounded", - noted propagandists.

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

- On May 12, the temporarily occupied Luhansk region also visited the "bavovna". Explosions were heard in the regional center seized by Russia since 2014, where the occupants celebrated "LNR day" that day;

- Russian invaders then claimed to have found an American drone in the city. The so-called "LNR Interior Ministry" specified that the US-made ADM-160B aircraft was allegedly a decoy before the real strike.

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