Russian military shells Bilozerka in the Kherson region: there are dead and wounded

Russian troops attack hospital in Belozerka

On Friday, April 28, Russian occupation forces shelled the village of Bilozerka in the Kherson region. The invaders struck at the territory of the local hospital, there was a casualty and injuries.

The attack smashed windows in one of the hospital's departments. This was reported by the Kherson Regional Military Administration on Telegram.

The shelling also damaged several private houses, and fires broke out at the sites where enemy shells hit.

After the fire was extinguished, the body of its owner was found under the rubble of one of the houses. The deceased woman was 57 years old.

Three other people sustained injuries of varying severity. Two of the victims were treated on the spot, and another man was taken to hospital with shrapnel wounds.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On Wednesday, April 26, Russian occupation forces attacked the Kherson region with artillery and "smart" bombs. A man was killed in the shelling. There are also wounded, including a foreign journalist.

- On Thursday, April 27, Russian occupation forces attacked a residential area in Kherson. The attack resulted in one death.

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