Russia staged a night attack on Ukraine: air defence systems triggered in Kyiv, a plane crashed into a high-rise in Uman

the occupiers attacked Ukraine with missiles

On the night of Friday, April 28, the Russian occupiers launched a new massive missile attack on Ukraine - air alert was announced in all regions. Around 4 am, explosions occurred in Dnipro, Kremenchuk, Mykolaiv, Kyiv, and Uman.

This was reported by OBOZREVATEL correspondents. According to them, at least 3 powerful explosions were heard in Dnipro, and two more in Kremenchuk, Poltava region. One explosion was heard in the capital. In Uman, two rockets damaged three multi-storey buildings.

In Kyiv, the fall of debris in the Obolon district of the capital cut off a local power line and damaged the road surface.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that as a result of a night attack in Uman, the occupiers damaged three civilian buildings with two rockets. As of 7am, three people were killed and eight others were wounded. Search and rescue operations at the scene are ongoing. In Ukrayinka, Kyiv region, two people were injured in an explosion.

In Dnipro, according to the mayor of the city, Boris Filatov, two people were killed by a Russian missile - a young woman and a 3-year-old child. Rescuers and police are working at the sites of the hits.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, Russian troops have begun using a new tactic of missile strikes. It makes it possible to complicate the task of Ukrainian air defence forces, as a result of which most missiles remain undetected, according to ISW.

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