Russia is afraid of a Ukrainian counterattack: British intelligence revealed the defenses that the occupiers want to stop the Ukrainian Armed Forces

With the help of trenches Russians want to stop the advance of the AFU

The terrorist Russian state is afraid of Ukraine's counteroffensive and continues to actively build fortifications. It is indicative that the invaders are digging trenches not only along the front lines in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, but also in Belgorod and Kursk regions.

Such actions of the aggressor are related to the fear that Ukraine may achieve a major breakthrough. This was reported by British military intelligence on Twitter.

According to British intelligence, since the summer of 2022, Russia has built some of the largest systems of military defenses the world has seen in decades. What is noteworthy is that the defenses are not only near the current front lines, but are also deeply dug into areas currently controlled by Russia.

British intelligence noted that the Russian Federation had dug hundreds of kilometers of trenches on internationally recognized Russian territory, including in the Belgorod and Kursk regions. This once again underscores the Russian leadership's deep concern that Ukraine could achieve a major breakthrough.

The Russians have also carried out significant territorial fortification work in temporarily occupied Crimea. The invaders paid particular attention to strengthening the northern border of the occupied peninsula, including with the help of a multi-level defensive strip near the village of Medvedevka.

At the same time, British intelligence noted that the trenches in Belgorod and Kursk oblasts were ordered by military leaders and local authorities in an attempt to promote the official version that Russia was allegedly "threatened" by Ukraine and NATO.


We recall that the active digging of trenches by the Russian military in temporarily seized Crimea indicates not only that they are preparing for a counterattack by the AFU. The creation of defense lines in the coastal zones may also mean that the occupiers and the Gauleiters, want to launder money as a last resort.

Earlier it was reported that Russian troops in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region dug a trench more than 70 kilometers long. The enemy defense line starts in the vicinity of the village of Semenovka in the west and extends beyond the borders of the village of Marinovka in the east.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- Russian top propagandist Olga Skabeyeva is very unhappy that the U.S. is monitoring the occupiers' preparations in Crimea for a counterattack by the AFU. She was outraged that the Americans provided Ukraine with satellite pictures of numerous trenches and "dragon's teeth" on the peninsula.

- The photo shows that the occupiers in Crimea dug long lines of trenches and deep trenches to stop military equipment, and between the fortifications they have placed artillery.

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