Resettlers from Bakhmut were killed in Odessa during shelling by the Russian army: new details

The dead wanted to start a new life in Odessa

During the night attack on Odessa on the night of June 10, as a result of falling debris from a drone on an apartment building, the couple - migrants from Bakhmut - died. Yuri and Yulia Antonenko were left with a daughter who lost both parents on the same day.

Their neighbor Lyudmila told about the victims in her Instagram. The couple moved to Odessa from Bakhmut to start a "new life" in the city.

They had also recently moved their parents to Odessa. According to a neighbor of the victims, on the evening of June 9, during the Russian shelling, the couple was just escorting their parents home.

"We lived in the same house, walked on the same playground, relaxed together with friends. They saw the positive in everything. And continued to live joyfully, no matter what. They had already fled from the war, earlier, from Bakhmut. Started to build their lives in Odessa, they recently managed to move their parents from the war to Odessa. And tonight, when they were seeing their parents home, they were killed by a shockwave," Lyudmila said.

The dead were found immediately after the explosion not far from the crater. They died on the spot. The couple was left with a 20-year-old daughter, Miroslava.

On June 12, a funeral ceremony for the deceased couple will be held in the village of Nerubayske, Odessa Oblast.


Earlier it was reported that there were civilian casualties as a result of the Russian Armed Forces' attack on the Odessa region on the night of June 10. Preliminarily, three people were killed and 31 more residents of the region were wounded. Among the wounded are children.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Russian troops on June 9 dropped a guided air bomb on a hospital in Gulyaypole in Zaporizhzhia. Two employees of the medical institution were killed.

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