Putin secretly ordered to continue recruiting prisoners for war against Ukraine - media

Russia secretly continues recruiting prisoners for war against Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to recruit prisoners from colonies for the war against Ukraine on the secret instructions of dictator Vladimir Putin. Representatives of the ministry are visiting prisons, recruiting about a hundred people to join the occupation forces in each.

Mercenaries are sent to the front, apparently without any training. This is reported by the news portal of the Russian human rights organization, citing messages from readers.

It is noted that the project's hotline continues to receive calls with stories about the recruitment of Russian prisoners for the war, the placement of prisoners from Ukraine in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), and other facts of involvement of security forces, the FSIN and the FSB in the war.

According to the statements, on April 21, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense with the rank of colonel visited the sixth correctional colony (CC) of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Chelyabinsk region (Kopeysk) to recruit prisoners for the "Svoboda". As a result, about 100 people were registered to be sent to the front.

On April 19-20, recruiters took about 40 prisoners from CF no. 1 of the Kurgan region to the war, and another 80 from CF no. 2.

"The song goes on again. The Russian Defense Ministry is on tour in the Amur region. They started with VK-2 (Vozzhayivka, strict regime). On 21.04.2023, about 70 people were recruited. Conditions are the same as in other camps. We went to the front the other day. We also visited the rest of the colonies in the Amur region. I do not understand one thing: it is obvious that this fact cannot be hidden from the people of Russia. Sincerely, N." - said one of the media sources.


Another informant stated that on April 23, in CF-13 of the Federal Penitentiary Institution in Khabarovsk Krai (strict regime, "first-timers"), an operative was compiling lists of "volunteers" for the war. According to the latter, on April 24, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense will come to the colony to select and send them to the "JFO" zone.

Another source said that the recruitment of prisoners has been going on for a week in the CF-4 of the Tula Oblast Penitentiary Institution, with more than 200 people signed up.

"They are recruiting everyone: the blind, the lame, the disabled who can barely move their legs, and the old people who have long since lost their minds, but are suitable even with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. And this is despite the fact that in 2022 more than 200 convicts have already been transferred from CF-4 (this is the fourth wave)," the informant stated.

He expressed great hope that when Ukraine wins, all these "servants" who are now trying so hard to hand over more people for slaughter will receive a well-deserved punishment.

"Colonels-butchers are taking a new batch of meat from the CF -41 of the Kemerovo Oblast Penitentiary," read another message received by the hotline.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, according to ISW, the leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevhen Prigozhin, and the Russian command are asking Putin to "freeze" the war and move to defense along the current front lines. However, they fail to fully convince the Russian dictator.

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