Putin reacted to F-16s for Ukraine, complained about "British intelligence services" and raved about AFU losses: highlights from statements

Putin reacted to F-16s for Ukraine, complained about ''British intelligence services'' and raved about AFU losses: highlights from statements

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Eastern Economic Forum again spoke about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and blamed the West for the war. He said that the provision of modern F-16 fighter jets by Western countries to Ukraine supposedly "will not affect anything" and dreamed of the Ukrainian army's "failed counteroffensive" and the losses the dictator believes Ukraine has suffered.

In addition, Putin again exploded with nuclear threats and accused Britain and the United States of preparing attacks on Russian nuclear power plants. The statements of the Kremlin head are being replicated by Russian propagandists.

Once again Putin forgot where and why he came, and just as he did during an "open lesson" for Russian schoolchildren on September 1 at the Eastern Economic Forum, he almost immediately turned from economic issues to discussing Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine and accusing the West of all "sins."

Trying to play the good game with the bad game, Putin said that the supply of F-16s to Ukraine would have no effect on anything, just as American cluster munitions, which the AFU uses to effectively destroy the enemy's manpower, have "changed nothing on the battlefield.

"Does it change anything? No. It just prolongs the conflict. They (in the U.S. - Ed.) have an election process that starts in November. They need to show any result at all costs. And they are pushing Ukrainians to continue fighting, no matter what they say in public," the Russian dictator tried to extrapolate the situation in Russia to the United States.

Putin also hit out at Great Britain. He accused it of involvement in attempts to sabotage "one of our nuclear power plants."

The dictator said that Russian occupiers allegedly detained a "sabotage group of Ukrainian special services" on Russian territory. During interrogations, the "saboteurs", according to Putin, said that they intended to attack a Russian nuclear power plant with the help of British instructors.

"They had a mission: to damage one of our nuclear power plants: to undermine a power line. In order to disrupt the operation of the power plant eventually. At the same time, they testified under interrogation that they were training under the guidance of British instructors. Do they realize what they're playing with or not? Are they provoking us into some kind of retaliation against Ukrainian nuclear facilities? NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS? And in general, does the British leadership and the Prime Minister know what their special services are doing in Ukraine? Or maybe he doesn't know at all?" - the Russian president started to accuse and threaten another large-scale terrorist attack in Ukraine.

However, it appears that Putin is also denying Britain subjectivity: in the end, he once again "came out" to Washington.

"I suppose that in turn the British intelligence services are acting on the instructions of the same American ones. The ultimate beneficiary is known to us anyway. Well, do they realize what they are playing with? Or don't they? It seems to me that they simply underestimate the situation," Putin said, adding that the West "can't see the edges at all."

The prominent "economist" at the "economic forum" could not ignore the Ukrainian counter-offensive. While the occupiers are retreating and losing manpower and equipment, and Russian "war correspondents" are howling in social networks, according to Putin's version, the counteroffensive has long since failed and the Ukrainian army has suffered horrendous losses.

"Ukraine is conducting a so-called counter-offensive. There are no results, of course. Now we will not - failure, not failure ... There are no results. There are losses. Big ones. Since the beginning of this counteroffensive, 71,500 personnel have been lost. And they want to achieve results at any cost, as they say. Sometimes you get the impression that these are not their people at all, when they throw them into this counter-offensive," Putin said.

The "caring" President Putin did not mention a word about the losses incurred by Russian troops in a senseless, unprovoked war of aggression, including thanks to "irrelevant" cluster munitions.

At the same time, despite the "failure of the counteroffensive," Putin demanded that the US force Ukraine to negotiate with Russia and "cancel" Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's decree that negotiations with the current Kremlin regime are impossible.

"As for the negotiation process. If the United States believes that Ukraine is ready for negotiations - well, let them then cancel the decree of the President of Ukraine, which prohibits negotiations. The same decree of the president came out there. He banned himself," - issued the dictator.

We will remind, earlier it became known that on September 12, the head of North Korea Kim Jong-un arrived in Russia for a meeting with Putin. Officially, the Kremlin said the two dictators will talk about "economic cooperation," "cultural exchange" and deepening ties between North Korea and Russia. The Kremlin said the two dictators would talk about "economic cooperation," "cultural exchange" and deepening ties between North Korea and Russia, as well as have a "rich exchange of views on international affairs" and dine at the Kremlin.

Putin's spokesman was silent on the true purpose of Kim Jong-un's visit - the conclusion of an agreement to supply Russia with North Korean arms and ammunition.

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