Preparing for a "march" and finding himself at war: a captured occupier complained about deception and told how he got to Ukraine. Video

The captured occupier was preparing for the ''march'', but ended up at war

Another Russian prisoner of war said that he allegedly did not know about the intention of the aggressor country Russia to attack Ukraine. Denis Kalganov, born in 2000, said that the command allegedly sent them on a "march" along the border of Ukraine, but as a result, the occupiers ended up in a foreign country.

According to the occupier, the Russians allegedly wanted to show their "strength and power" with this "march". The prisoner of war's story was published by the YouTube channel of the I Want to Live project (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The captured Russian occupier said that he was allegedly not told that Russian troops were going to invade Ukraine. The invader said that the Russian troops just wanted to drive along the Russian-Ukrainian border to "show their strength".

"We knew that there would be a march, we did not know that there would be any fighting. We were not told that we would be crossing the border, we would be marching along it. We will march and come back, show what powerful men we are, what strength we have, and come back," the occupier said.

The occupier also said that he was taken prisoner in Donetsk region. He noted that it was his first meeting with the Ukrainian military. According to the invader, he was riding on top of an infantry fighting vehicle, got wounded, fell down and ended up in captivity.

In addition, the occupier clarified that the Russian BMP drove on, and he remained wounded lying down and waiting for Ukrainian defenders.

"We drove the BMP right into a forest belt and ran into them (Ukrainian soldiers - Ed.), they were already standing there. I crawled into the BMP because my lung was shot through. I was sitting on top of the armored personnel carrier on the armor. I fell down, they managed to drive away, I don't know what happened next, because they immediately took me on a stretcher to the car," the Russian terrorist said.

Over the year of the "I Want to Live" project's launch in Ukraine, more than 25 thousand Russian occupants have sent applications to surrender to our military. Of these, 216 people actually joined the exchange fund.

Earlier, the "I Want to Live" project reported that Russia refuses to take back its seriously wounded prisoners of war, despite the fact that Ukraine offered to transfer them unilaterally. We are talking about 59 occupants who turned out to be useless to their state.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Ukrainian Defense Forces manage to replenish the exchange fund every day as the occupiers are captured as a result of successful operations by the Ukrainian army. In addition, there have been more cases of Russians surrendering recently.

By the way, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine noted that the captured Russian Armed Forces servicemen do not feel sincere remorse for coming to a foreign country with weapons to seize it, shelling civilian settlements and killing Ukrainians.

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