Part of the occupants captured: the AFU showed footage of the liberation of Makarivka in Donetsk region. Video

The Ukrainian Armed Forces showed footage of the liberation of Makarivka in Donetsk region

The Ukrainian Defense Forces confirmed the liberation of Makarivka village of Volnovakha district of Donetsk region from Russian occupants. The defenders also showed the process on video, stressing that stabilization actions were continuing in the village.

Soldiers of the 137th separate battalion of the 35th OBMP named after Rear Admiral Mikhailo Ostrogradsky took part in the mopping up of the village from the invaders. The relevant footage appeared on the Facebook page of this brigade (to view it, scroll to the end of the news).

"We, representatives of the 137th Battalion of the 35th Marine Brigade, liberated the village of Makarivka from Russian invaders. But they do not leave attempts to take this village back," one of the Ukrainian Marines said in the video.



Against the background of the shelling, he specified that the occupants continue to work on them with artillery and mortars. However, our soldiers are not deterred by this, and stabilization operations are continuing in the village.



"Odessa Marines continue to chase the occupants from Ukrainian soil. This time the military were in the vanguard of the liberation of the village of Makarivka in the Donetsk region. The settlement was liberated. Part of the enemy personnel was destroyed, some were taken prisoner, some escaped," the brigade explained.


A fighter with a call sign "Berlin" stressed that the Ukrainian Defense Forces took the enemy by surprise - on British wheeled military equipment Mastiff actually stormed right up to his positions and began to destroy.

"They on the right side of the village began to retreat immediately into the field. While we dealt with every house, because we have to clear every basement, they were able to escape. But not all of them, a group of or*s stayed in our rear," he noted.



According to him, later, together with their colleagues from the ranks of the second battalion of marines, the fighters were able to clear the rear and dislodge the last occupants. Some of the invaders were taken prisoner - the Russians claimed to be from the Storm Z unit.


After that, the enemy simply began to destroy the village: aviation and artillery were working. The Solntepek also tried to strike, but under the arrivals from the AFU this heavy flamethrower system of the occupants left the position.

"We will stand because we are Marines. Loyal always. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" - the defenders declared.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on June 12, fighters of the 88th battalion of the 35th Marine Brigade showed footage of the liberation of the village of Storozhove in the Volnovakha district of Donetsk region. During the operation, they eliminated dozens of occupants and took several prisoners, and received trophies in the form of vehicles with ammunition loads.

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