Panic in occupied Crimea is growing, invaders intensify mobilization – National Resistance Center

Panic is growing in the occupied Crimea

Panic among collaborators and visiting Russians in the temporarily occupied Crimea is growing. In addition, the so-called "authorities" have intensified mobilization on the peninsula.

In different cities of the temporarily occupied Crimea, draft notices are being issued increasingly. The National Resistance Center reported about it.

Despite the promises that collaborator Sergey Aksyonov received from the Russian government that allegedly there would be no mass mobilization in Crimea, the number of draft notices on the streets of Crimean cities is growing. At the same time, panic is growing among Russians who moved to Crimea after the occupation of the peninsula and local collaborators.

The National Resistance Center noted that Russian businesses that entered the peninsula in 2014 are withdrawing funds and preparing for evacuation. This is especially applies to the hotel and restaurant business, the season of which failed last year and, obviously, there will be no demand for this either.

The local population in Crimea is also urged to report the movement of enemy military equipment and personnel of the Russian occupation army. It is proposed to do through convenient applications and messengers. In particular, Crimeans are encouraged to use the resistance telegram bot, the Security Service of Ukraine, or the form on the website of the National Resistance Center.

Panic in occupied Crimea is growing, invaders intensify mobilization – National Resistance Center

Recall, in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian Yalta in Crimea, the invaders have started building defenses on the coast. Under the guise of "reconstruction" of the waterfront, they are building a system of trenches stretching for hundreds of kilometers.

Earlier, it was reported that the guerrilla movement in Crimea has intensified. More and more Ukrainian symbols and reminders to the occupiers that their time is running out are appearing in various Crimean towns.

At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces in the temporarily occupied Crimea are increasingly panicking because of the "cotton" and the news of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. They started evacuating their families to Russia.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, retired American Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, former commander of the U.S. Army Europe, showed a possible plan for a counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied Crimea. He emphasized that Ukraine needs long-range weapons to liberate the peninsula.

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