Occupiers resupply and are likely to prepare a new strike against Ukraine - Humeniuk

Humeniuk talks of threat of more shelling
Humeniuk talks of threat of more shelling

Russian troops have so far taken a tactical pause in massive air attacks against Ukraine, but the threat may soon increase. For now, the enemy is conducting reconnaissance, but the occupiers have already resupplied kamikaze drones and may use them against our country.

Natalia Humeniuk, head of the joint press centre of the southern defence forces, warned about this in the morning of 27 June on the broadcast of the "Yedyni novyny" marathon. She expects the enemy's massive night attacks to be repeated (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"We must be on guard. The enemy is treacherous," Humeniuk said. The captain of the 1st rank of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said: it is likely that the aggressor is preparing a new strike.

Humeniuk speaks on the air of ''Yedyni novyny''

"In the Black Sea, the ship grouping is modest by the standards of those they normally deploy. There are seven ships in the Black Sea and one in the Sea of Azov... They are engaged in reconnaissance. And this indicates that they are probably preparing the next strike," she said.

As of the morning of 27 June, there were no missile carriers in the Black Sea, but it only takes two or three hours for such a ship, surface or backyard, to go on a mission.

We would like to add: Humeniuk earlier pointed out that Russia had changed its tactics of using drones to bombard Ukraine, using them more compactly. This may indicate that the enemy is preparing an intensified strike in the future.


- The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine recently said that the Russian Federation is negotiating to get new types of drones from Iran. First and foremost, the occupiers want strike drones or kamikaze drones.

- According to the NSDC (National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine), parts made in Ukraine's partner countries have been found in Shahed-type drones. And this is not an uncommon case.

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