Occupiers in Kherson Oblast force collaborators to publicly renounce Ukraine

Occupiers force collaborators to renounce Ukrainian citizenship

Russian war criminals in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson are forcing collaborators to publicly renounce the citizenship of our state. They organized a "flash mob," in which all the traitors make a video.

This was reported in the Center for national resistance. It is noted that although the occupiers know that there is no procedure for renunciation of citizenship in Ukraine, and their goal is to "rally" the collaborators as much as possible before the expected counterattack by the AFU.

In this way, the Russians "label" traitors and promote support for the occupiers among the local population.

We shall remind you that the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reported that five ex-police officers who worked at the main national police department in Zaporizhzhya Region went to "service" in Russia. On this occasion, law enforcers accused them of high treason.

Their activities consisted of carrying out the instructions and orders of the "leaders" of the administration, which had an occupation position toward Ukraine. In addition, the suspects collected information about the personal data of their colleagues and conducted "patrols".

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which Russian invaders can evict from the temporarily occupied territories people who have not acquired Russian citizenship from temporarily occupied territories if they pose a threat to its national security. Citizens who do not have the passport of the terrorist state are recognized as foreigners;

- The Center for National Resistance reported that the Russian Federation is actively trying to lure its citizens to the temporarily occupied territories. Russians are encouraged in every way to move to the "new Russian lands," inventing new methods to do so.

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