Occupiers attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones: air defense was working in Kyiv region, in Lviv there is an arrival

Russia attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones

On June 20, the country-aggressor Russia launched another nighttime attack on Ukrainian cities; defenders of our skies shot down 32 of its 35 drones. In particular, the most enemy targets were neutralized around Kyiv, while at the same time a hit on an infrastructure facility was recorded in Lviv.

The air alert at this time was declared in waves in all regions of the country - first in the east and south, then in the center, north and west. The Air Force of the AFU warned that the enemy was attacking Ukraine with Shahed-type strike drones , and Zaporizhzhya was hit by ballistic missiles.

Kyiv Region

Explosions were heard in Kyiv and the region around 03:40. The Kyiv city military administration said that air defense forces were working in the capital.

The head of KCMA Sergiy Popko also warned of the threat of Russian occupants using kamikaze drones and urged people to take cover.

For its part, the Kyiv regional military administration noted that there is a threat of shelling. They stressed that air defense forces are working on enemy targets.

"By no means film the work of our defenders and do not post it online," the message said.

In the morning, Popko said it was the second Iranian drone attack for the capital since the beginning of the month and the first in the last 18 days. Traditionally, for massive attacks, the UAVs came in waves and in different directions.

The air-raid alert in Kyiv and Kyiv region lasted more than three hours. During that time, around 20 enemy targets were detected and destroyed by our air defense forces around the capital city.

Lviv region

After 05:00, the Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyy reported explosions in the city and region. He urged people to stay in safe places.

"You yourself hear everything well. In Lviv and the region - explosions. Stay in the shelter or at least in the corridor. It's - important!" - wrote the mayor.

Around 06:00 in Lviv region was the air-raid alarm was sounded. Then the head of the regional military administration Maxim Kozitsky said that in Lviv recorded a hit to the object of critical infrastructure.

According to him, there was a fire at the place of arrival, all services are working there. People were not hurt.


Around 1 a.m., many explosions went off in Zaporizhzhia. The region pointed to the movement of Shahed UAVs, and monitoring channels wrote that the regional center was under S-300 fire from the temporarily occupied cities of the region.

The head of the Zaporizhzhya regional military administration, Yuriy Malashko, confirmed the hits. According to him, as a result of the attack, Zaporizhzhya and its surroundings suffered damage to communications, property and equipment of agricultural and farming enterprises, as well as a popular recreation spot.


Malashko stressed that there was no information about casualties. According to the AFU General Staff, the occupiers used seven S-300 missiles on Zaporizhzhya and its surroundings that night. And the Air Force specified that the enemy struck the city with ballistic missiles - Iskander-M/S-300 missiles.

Ukraine's air defense forces repelled this Russian attack - on Tuesday night they neutralized 28 of the 30 Shahed-type attack drones.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russian occupation troops continued strikes against Nikopol in Dnipropetrovsk region on June 19. The city was shelled with heavy artillery, a man was wounded.

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