"Occupants will be outraged": Danilov hinted at Ukraine's long-range weapons

Danilov announced more explosions on the territory of the Russian Federation

Russia, which has launched a full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, is already experiencing the work of Ukrainian long-range weapons. At the same time, unlike the occupiers, Ukrainian soldiers do not fight civilians and hit military targets only.

There will be many more strikes that will make occupants "outraged", literally burning from anger. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov on the air of the TV marathon.

He noted that Ukraine is already successfully using long-range weapons of its production to strike military targets on Russian territory and promised the invaders "surprises" shortly.

"The invaders feel it (the effectiveness of Ukrainian long-range weapons. - Ed.). Ukraine is not at war with ordinary citizens of Russia. We can say that we have the result..... Believe me, someone will be outraged, literally burning from anger," Danilov said.

Unlike the Russian Federation, Ukraine strikes RF's military facilities only, as stipulated by international conventions and rules. In particular, Ukraine never attacks kindergartens, hospitals or other civilian objects.

These attacks are carried out exclusively with Ukrainian-made weapons. They have been developed since 2020 after the first decree of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the missile program on March 1, 2020. With this decree, the head of state approved the decision prepared by the National Security and Defense Council in January-February 2020.

Since the development of long-range weapons is a very complex process and these weapons themselves are complex equipment, it took time for Ukraine to come up with its missiles, Danilov explained. There was a need for Ukrainian missiles to be able to cover very significant distances especially after the Russian Federation launched a full-scale invasion.

"For it to be modern and fly a distance of thousands of kilometers is a powerful work of large teams," Danilov stressed.

The production of long-range weapons continues. The range of 700 kilometers is far from final.

Zelensky held a meeting with the military leadership of the country on August 31, when he spoke about the successful use of Ukrainian long-range weapons.

The President emphasized that the Ukrainian missile developed by our specialists hit a target 700 km away.

Zelensky did not give other details on the use of the Ukrainian missiles.

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