"Not only Ukraine will suffer": Ignat pointed to the risk of a man-made disaster due to the actions of the Russian Federation and explained why the AFU needs F-16

Yuri Ignat explained why the AFU needs F-16s

The aggressor country Russia can provoke a man-made disaster by attacking nuclear power facilities in Ukraine. The Defense Forces need F-16 fighter jets to repel such actions by the occupiers.

Colonel Yury Ignat, the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces, pointed this out in the air of the telethon. He stressed that this is an issue of nuclear safety of the entire European continent.

"The West should understand that we need the F-16s not only to cover the front lines, not only to gain an advantage in the air. We need them, among other things, to protect critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, including five nuclear power facilities," the military officer explained.


He recalled that the Russian Armed Forces have repeatedly shelled some of the nuclear power plants, and Russian missiles have flown in close proximity to such facilities.

According to him, by such actions Russia can provoke a man-made catastrophe, as a result of which not only Ukraine will suffer.

"Thus, our partners need to be constantly reminded that we need F-16s that can shoot down Calibers, Shaheds and other munitions used by the enemy," Ignat added.

The day before, he confirmed that Ukraine needs F-16 fighter jets to win. The Air Force spokesman expressed hope that the next meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format would decide to provide our country with such planes.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, The Telegraph wrote that Russia was setting sophisticated traps to ambush Ukrainian fighters. Experts explained why the Ukrainian Armed Forces need F-16s now and what the price of delay is.

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