Nine people killed: Zelensky reported new details of the Russian strike on rescuers in the Kherson region

Nine rescuers were killed in Kherson Oblast as a result of a Russian attack

In Kherson Oblast, the number of casualties increased after Russian occupants fired on a group of employees of the State Emergency Service. As of May 7, it is known that nine rescue workers were killed as a result of the terrorist attack by the aggressor state.

Earlier it was known about six dead. President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in a daily address to Ukrainians and the world, which was published on his official Youtube channel (to see it, scroll to the end of the page).

The head of state expressed his condolences to the families and friends of Ukrainian rescuers whose lives were insidiously taken by Russia.

"Only yesterday, and from one Russian strike alone, nine Ukrainians died in the Kherson region - they were engaged in mine clearance, returning safety for people. My condolences to the families and loved ones," the president said.

Recall that the tragedy occurred on Saturday, May 6. According to preliminary information, Russian occupation troops dropped an explosive object from a drone on a group of pyrotechnicians who were working in a village in the Kherson region.


Six people died on the spot, eight more were seriously injured and hospitalized. According to Zelensky, three more people could not be saved by medics. Among the dead: Igor Solovyov, Oleksandr Khodakovskyy, Andrey Orlov, Vladimir Pohorely, Roman Kalenyk and Mykola Sholokh.

We note that the Office of the Prosecutor General opened criminal proceedings over violations of the laws and customs of war, as well as premeditated murder, as a consequence of the occupiers' attack.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on the night of May 7, Russian terrorists struck twice from "Grads" in the Nikopol district in Dnipropetrovsk region. The occupants fired more than 30 shells, which resulted in the death of a 72-year-old local resident.

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