Most contract servicemen of the Russian army try to avoid the frontline, but they are not asked much - Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Russians live in an inverted reality mode

Contract soldiers in Russia are trying to avoid being deployed to the frontline in Ukraine in various ways. Most of all, they are afraid of taking part in assaults.

This statement was made by Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate. He said this on Channel 24.

"(In Russia - ed.) even contract soldiers are trying in every way to avoid moving to the front line and directly participating in assault operations. Another thing is that they are not asked about it," Yusov said.

At the same time, Russian contract soldiers admit that everything is bad in the Russian army, the commanders are inept, and the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is leading everyone "in the wrong direction". Although all this has "little effect" on the decisions and plans of the Russian leadership.

"And the task today is to convey this real picture of horror, hopelessness and despair that Russians see in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, falling under the actions of the Ukrainian security and defence forces, to the residents of the so-called Russian Federation. Because Russian propaganda, of course, hides this reality from them, does not show them," Yusov added.

According to him, inside Russia itself, propaganda works on the principle of total lies. In particular, Russians live in an inverted reality.

As a reminder, the leadership of the terrorist state of Russia continues to come up with ways to drive even more cannon fodder into the war against Ukraine. In particular, dictator Vladimir Putin has signed a law that raises the age of military service by five years.

Earlier it was reported that the terrorist state of Russia decided to teach children to fly unmanned aerial vehicles. The Russian State Duma said that the lessons would include reconnaissance of the area and ways to counter enemy UAVs.

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