Minus four companies of invaders and six ammunition load depots: The Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out powerful strikes on the occupants in the Tauride direction. Video

Russia suffers losses in Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers continue to dislodge the Russian occupants from their positions in the Tauride direction. Over the past 24 hours, the invaders have lost up to four companies of personnel killed and wounded.

Nearly 60 pieces of enemy equipment were destroyed and damaged. This was reported by the commander of the operational and strategic grouping of troops "Tavria", Brigadier General Olexander Tarnavskiy.

"On the Tauride direction, the Defense Forces continue to knock the Russians out of their positions. Over the past 24 hours the enemy's losses in killed and wounded amounted to almost four companies. Fifty-six pieces of enemy military equipment were destroyed and damaged," Tarnavsky stressed.

In particular, thanks to the accurate strikes of Ukrainian soldiers, the occupiers lost:

- 9 tanks;

- 9 BMPs;

- 2 MT-LBS;

- 2S19 Msta-S howitzers;

- 4 self-propelled artillery units 2S3 Acacia;

- 2S5 Hyacinth self-propelled artillery system;

- an anti-aircraft missile system "Strela-10";

- Uragan" multiple rocket launcher;

- 3 complexes of radio-electronic jamming "Resident";

- REB "Field-2";

- Shahed-136 UAVs;

- 2 Tiger armored vehicles.

In addition, six enemy ammunition depots were destroyed.





As a reminder, on the morning of June 14, the AFU General Staff reported that on the previous day the Defense Forces had eliminated another 680 occupants and dozens of enemy vehicles. The enemy's irrecoverable manpower losses since the start of the full-scale invasion have reached 217,330.

The General Staff also noted that the AFU had successes as a result of the offensive operation, and in the Berdyansk direction there are battles in the area of three settlements.

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