Media: Russia lost more troops in winter battles for Bakhmut than in first weeks of war

Russia lost more troops in the battle for Bakhmut in winter than in the first weeks of the war

During the winter battles for Bakhmut in Donetsk region, the Russian occupation army suffered more losses than in the first weeks of the full-scale invasion. At the same time, the actual number of losses of Russian troops is likely to be many times higher than the information that is publicly available.

The occupiers suffered record losses in January-February 2023. This was reported by the Telegram channel "Mediazona".

During the winter assault on Bakhmut, Russian troops lost more people than in the first weeks of the war, when the offensive continued in several directions at once. The biggest peak in Russian army losses occurred in the week of 3-9 March 2022. However, by the end of March 2022, the number of deaths had almost halved.

In January-February 2023, the number of occupant casualties in one week did not break this record, but the intensity of the fighting did not decrease as quickly, and losses remained high for more than a month.

It is noteworthy that the data on Russian losses remains incomplete, with many casualties reported with a long delay. This means that the confirmed losses for January 2023, as well as for other months of this year, will increase in the near future.

As a reminder, the UK Ministry of Defence has stated that the occupation forces of the aggressor country Russia have suffered huge losses trying to occupy the fortress city of Bakhmut in Donetsk region. For every 48 cm of territory captured, at least one occupier is killed or wounded.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that Russia had lost more than 100,000 troops in the battle for Bakhmut. The same figure was voiced by the speaker of the White House National Security Council, John Kirby. According to him, since December 2022 alone, Russia has lost 100,000 personnel in Bakhmut, including more than 20,000 killed.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the occupation command has established a new procedure for the treatment of wounded Russian servicemen, according to which only officers are subject to evacuation to Russia. NCOs and privates, regardless of the severity and complexity of the injury, are to be treated in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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