Kremlin is already looking for options: Reznikov predicts how Russia will try to justify new "gestures of goodwill"

The Kremlin is preparing for a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The head of the Ministry of Defence, Oleksiy Reznikov, pointed out that the Russian authorities are closely monitoring the preparations for the Ukrainian counter-offensive and are actually preparing options to explain the defeat of the occupiers on the battlefield. Thus, the Kremlin is preparing a scenario of another "goodwill gesture" to convince its citizens that "everything is going according to plan".

The official expressed this version in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine. He noted that nowadays, one can hear the phrases in propaganda on Russian federal channels more and more often: "It is probably time to end the Armed Forces," "we need to move to defence," "we need to hold on to our 'newly arrived' territories."

"After all, in the event of another success of the Ukrainian army, which is absolutely expected for them, they need to understand how to 'sell' it internally, how to present it to the people? Their expectations were also too high: Kyiv in three days and the so-called Eastern Ukraine in three weeks. And although propaganda in Russia is working perfectly, it is getting more and more difficult every time," Reznikov said.

The minister stressed that this is his personal belief based on the Kremlin's traditional behaviour. It is possible that in the future, Russian elites will present their failures in battles under the sauce of some kind of cataclysm.

"Let's say something happens to a power plant, hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant, there will be risks for the population, and this will require immediate attention from the government, accumulation of resources, including soldiers. This is how they will supposedly be able to explain to people why they are ending active hostilities in Ukraine. In other words, they will have to voice a "gesture of goodwill" under the guise of some kind of cataclysm in the Russian Federation," he concluded.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the White House said that the United States has already provided Ukraine with almost all the military assistance requested by our government. In particular, this includes the weapons needed to launch a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Reznikov explained that after Ukraine's victory over Russia, the entire Kremlin leadership and individual executors of criminal orders should undergo the Nuremberg-2 procedure. This is necessary for future generations of Russians who are capable of harbouring the idea of revenge.

"An international tribunal must be held for the war criminals of the Kremlin and this gang of mafia. Putin and his entourage must go to jail. Even if he is already convicted in absentia..." - stressed the head of the Ukrainian defence ministry.

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