"Just sent to slaughter": the Russian military whines that no one returns from their positions alive. Intercept

Occupiers complain that they are forced into battle

Second World Army soldiers continue to complain about high casualties in Ukraine. They also tell their families about how they are forced into combat and punished for refusing to participate in clashes with the Defense Forces.

This was revealed in a telephone conversation between the occupant and his sister, intercepted by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (to listen, scroll to the end of the page) . This invader from the 350th regiment is in the Kupyansk direction in the Kharkiv region.

"They just send guys to the slaughter, today they sent a group - they put them down...without cover, without f*cking anything, then they can't take the guys out of there, there are still 200 guys lying there... God forbid, anything happens, and f*ck you will be found later," says the military of the aggressor country.


One group from his regiment was sent to dig in at one of the front lines. However, the soldiers did not even manage to reach the specified place - they were attacked by the AFU.

Those who do not want to go to the front line are sent to the commandant's office, where they are threatened and beaten.

"The guys are going crazy, says, yes break my arm, *pty, yes break my leg, just to be taken away to the hospital," said the invader.

The occupant said that he and his comrades in arms are not satisfied with such a situation. They want to file a collective complaint to the military prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, but it must be done by relatives of the servicemen.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Russian army continues to suffer heavy losses in Ukraine. The military of the aggressor country complains about the lack of necessary equipment and wrong, in their opinion, orders of the leadership.

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