In Odesa, Shahed shell fragments hit an apartment in a high-rise building: 3 people were killed. Photos and video

Russian troops attacked Odesa with kamikaze drones

On the night of Saturday, June 10, Russian occupation forces attacked Mykolaiv and Odesa regions, killing three people. Loud explosions were heard in Odesa, and air defence systems were activated.

As a result of the fall of enemy "Shahed" fragments, windows in a high-rise building were smashed and a fire broke out. This was reported by Suspilne Odesa.

Later, the Operational Command "South" clarified that the wreckage of one of the drones hit an apartment in the high-rise building, which caused the fire. Three civilians were killed.

"The fire of 50 square metres was quickly extinguished. 3 civilians died. The blast wave damaged several apartment buildings around. More than 10 people were injured. Final information is being clarified," the statement said.


The Operational Command "South" reported that Russia attacked the regions with Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones.

"As a result of the air battle, debris may fall, buildings and other objects may catch fire. Stay in shelters, do not film or post the work of air defence systems!" the military warned.

As it became known later, all Shahed-131/136s were destroyed by air defence forces in Odesa region.


A large crater formed near the damaged high-rise building.



After the first wave of attacks by the Shaheda, Russia launched a missile towards Odesa. It was previously shot down.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on June 9, Russian troops dropped a guided aerial bomb on a hospital in Huliaypole, Zaporizhzhia. Two employees of the medical institution were killed.

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