"He stabbed his own": the occupier complained about constant drunkenness and shootings in the Russian army. Interception

The occupiers at the front are drinking heavily

One of the Russian occupiers complained about drunkenness in the ranks of the "second army of the world". Against the backdrop of mass alcoholism among Putin's soldiers, conflicts and cases of killing their own have become more frequent.

This is stated in an audio interception published by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. In particular, the occupier told about the case of a firefight between his battalion and the terrorists of the Akhmat SOBR (to listen to the audio, scroll to the end of the news).

"They get drunk and start doing crazy things... throwing grenades, shooting... at their own people, stabbing themselves," the Russian said.

He admitted that he himself had stabbed one of his "brothers-in-arms", asking the interlocutor not to tell anyone about it. The war criminal assured that the man had shot at him under the influence of alcohol.

"It happens, it happens everywhere," the occupier said casually.

To recap, another occupier also shared details of the "combat" everyday life of Russian soldiers. In a conversation intercepted by the DIU, he spoke about cases when Russian soldiers died due to alcohol abuse.

According to the occupier, three mobilised soldiers got drunk and burned to death in a facility that had only recently been "handed over" to them, i.e., they were probably tasked with "guarding the facility". Instead, the Russian military simply "stocked up" on moonshine and vodka and drank constantly.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- "In an intercepted conversation, the occupier told his colleague how he had fled the front for money because he realised that the Russian command was using people like him as cannon fodder in the war against Ukraine. He recommended that his interlocutor also return home;

- another Russian soldier reported in an intercepted conversation that the commander of one of the units had fled his position during the shelling. Now the other invaders refuse to fight under his command.

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