Gumenyuk told about the destruction of the occupants' ammunition depots: the enemy feels shell hunger

For a week the AFU destroyed 7 warehouses of the occupants on the left bank of the Dnieper River

Due to the "bavovna" at ammunition depots, the Russian occupiers are experiencing a shortage of weapons. In particular, last week the Armed forces of Ukraine destroyed 7 warehouses of the enemy on the left bank of the Dnieper, thanks to which the number of shelling of the south has significantly decreased and reached 30 per day.

This was told by the speaker of the Defense Forces of the south of Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk at a briefing on August 3. According to her, the qualitative work of the AFU on the enemy's transportation routes has slowed down and complicated its logistics.

Gumenyuk told about the destruction of the occupants' ammunition depots: the enemy feels shell hunger

"From time to time they manage to pull up some resources in terms of ammunition, equipment and personnel. But this does not happen in accordance with the pace of combat events, so there is a sag in the statistics when the enemy loses the opportunity to attack, and the number of shelling decreases. This is a manifestation of shell starvation," Gumenyuk explained.

The speaker of the Southern Defense Force added that later the occupants were able to pull up resources and increased the number of shelling to 90 per day.

"Continuing the counter-battery fight, we continue to move them along the left bank to prevent them from remote shelling. Also minus 2 weapons depots. Again we see that over the past 24 hours - 54 shelling - this is a significant decrease," - said Gumenyuk.

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

- Earlier Gumenyuk warned about the threat of missile strikes: the Russian Federation deployed a powerful ship grouping in the Black sea.

- In the British intelligence noted that arable land, bushes and small trees significantly slow down the course of hostilities in the south of Ukraine. These factors make it difficult to demine the areas.

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