"Even homeless people were drafted": captured occupier complains about forced "mobilisation" in Luhansk region and precise work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Video.

The prisoner of war told how mobilisation took place in Donbas and how he fought against Ukraine
The prisoner of war told how mobilisation took place in Donbas and how he fought against Ukraine

Occupant Aleksey Samkov, who is fighting against his native country and was captured by Ukrainian soldiers, complained that in the so-called LPR, illegal mobilisation was forced - "they drafted everyone, even homeless people, crooked, lame and hunchbacked". Those mobilised and sent to the front line often became the "two hundredth", and if they were the "three hundredth", they were lucky.

The soldier of the aggressor country told his story during interrogation. The corresponding video was posted on Telegram by the Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

Samkov is a 40-year-old resident of occupied Luhansk. He is assigned to the 4th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade (military unit 74347) of the 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupation forces in Donbas (LPR).

Aleksey Samkov during interrogation

At the beginning of the interrogation, the man stated that he and his friends had anticipated the negative consequences of the events of 2014 (he called them "separation from Ukraine"). The Luhansk resident complained about poor conditions and a sharp rise in prices, especially for alcohol and cigarettes. At the same time, he continued to "work calmly" in the occupied city until the full-scale war - "until this started again," as he put it.

"I don't understand why they started this again," the occupier admitted.

As for the mobilisation, it was harsh. "They said - go, you have to. Or they will put you in jail," he said. According to the so-called laws of the "republic", those who evaded mobilisation faced 8 years in prison.

"They are grabbing everyone. It's like this at the markets, you go out to buy some bread, take out the garbage - without documents, silently, in the car, and that's it... They were drinking, all of them - homeless, crooked, obese, hunchbacked. No one passed the medical examination. If you have arms and legs, you go," the occupier described the mobilisation process.

The Luhansk resident said that most of the recruits had only seen a machine gun on TV, but they were not taught anything. He himself joined the ranks of the enemy on 20 February 2022.

Samkov was first sent to the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in the Luhansk region. He and his comrades were moved from place to place several times, and he did not understand what to do there. When they were transferred to Sievierodonetsk, the occupiers lined up on the parade ground. The commanders started recruiting people and formed new platoons in this way - they simply approached the mobilised men and asked them who did what and who was good at what. A man from Luhansk became a driver, although he just had a driver's licence with no experience.

The occupier spoke willingly and a lot. He told how almost all of his colleagues left the military unit without permission, how he was noticed for drinking, and then almost immediately sent to the front line. There, the dugouts of the Russian Armed Forces were actively shelled, and the mobilised man heard about the heavy losses among his "colleagues" on the radio.

As a result, their commanders "just left them there - for slaughter". "This is not normal at all! Honestly, I feel sorry for the way they left the cattle there," the soldier was outraged.

The occupier was captured by the AFU when he was walking along a path to a puddle to drink water. The Ukrainian Defence Forces took away his weapon, took everything from his pockets and tied him up. He saw that three other Russian accomplices had been captured. Ukrainian soldiers eventually put a splint on his finger, which had been broken during the shelling, and treated his wounds.

Samkov said that if they wanted to send him to war against Ukraine again after the exchange, he would not go. "No! I had no desire even then, and now I have absolutely no desire. I will immediately go on an unauthorised leave from the unit. At any opportunity. I will never pick up a machine gun again, ever! I don't give a f*ck about this war when I was left like a dog without water, without food, without anything," he said.

Caution, foul language! 18+!


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, on June 11, during the next exchange of prisoners, Russian servicemen were offered not to return to Russia but to join the ranks of the Russian Volunteer Corps. One of the occupants refused the exchange and said he wanted to join the Russian Volunteer Corps.


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