During the counterattack, Ukraine lost less than 10% of Western equipment - Estonian intelligence

Estonian Intelligence Service told about losses of Western equipment during the counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

During the Ukrainian counterattack against Russian forces, our army lost less than 10 percent of the equipment received from Western partners. However, this figure may increase, as it is an inevitable consequence of any offensive action.

Colonel Margo Grosberg, head of the Intelligence Center of the Estonian Defense Forces, said this, ERR reports. He noted that Western equipment protects Ukrainian soldiers better and even if it fails the crews often survive without serious injuries.

Moreover, the Estonian intelligence chief noted that the units that had been trained over the past six months had not been involved in recent combat operations.

Also according to Grosberg, next week Ukrainian troops will continue to search for weaknesses in Russian positions and probably all along the front, so "we won't see an offensive for the next seven days".

Margo Grosberg, head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center

Earlier, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar showed the Ukrainian BMP M2 Bradley, which was damaged in the battle against the Russian occupiers. It took a direct hit from the enemy's "Grad" MLRS. The armored vehicle is already being repaired. Fortunately, its crew survived.

Recall: Grosberg also noted that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have launched the first stage of the expected counterattack and are conducting formative operations in order to find weaknesses in the Russian occupiers' defensive positions. The military leadership of our country approaches planning methodically and carefully, because "both human and technical resources are worth their weight in gold".

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- soldiers of the 3 separate assault brigade showed how they evacuated their wounded in the Bakhmut direction from the battlefield to the dugout, where he was stabilized by medics. Liberating territories does not come easy for our defenders;

- according to British intelligence, the Russian army is currently suffering its heaviest losses from the peak of fighting for Bakhmut in March of this year. In recent days, the most intense fighting has been taking place in Zaporizhzhia region, in the west of Donetsk region and around Bakhmut.

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