"Do you know how many I've slaughtered?": A Russian in Turkey couldn't help himself and told about his "heroic work" in Ukraine

A Russian man on the beach in Turkey insulted Ukrainian women and boasted that he had killed Ukrainians

In Turkey, Russians clashed with Ukrainian women on the beach. A tourist from Russia threw away the belongings of Ukrainian women from their lounger and lay down on it himself.

In response to the Ukrainian women's indignation, he started insulting them and boasting about how many Ukrainians he allegedly killed in Ukraine. A video shot by one of the participants in the conflict appeared online.

Judging by the description of the video, the women and their children were vacationing on one of the Turkish beaches, and at some point they left their belongings on the deckchairs.

When they returned, they found their belongings scattered on the ground and a Russian lying down on their deckchair. Following the best traditions of his country, he decided that he had the right to take whatever he wanted.


The clip begins with the Russian shouting, "What do you want me to say again? Why did you scatter you damn stuff?".

Apparently, continuing the argument that was started before the shooting began, the Ukrainians demanded to repeat the threats made against them earlier.

"Fuck you with everything you've got, you bastards. Rude animals," the Russian repeated.

The Ukrainians started calling for the guards. In response, the Russian found nothing better to do than to insult the women in whose country his state had started an aggressive war, and to boast about the crimes of Russia and the Russians.

"Listen, you fuck, how many compatriots have you got dead? What, did they come for a vacation? You'd better sponsor your own army. They're fucked up. They grow up like that (a remark to the children who are with the Ukrainian women on the beach - Ed.)," said a representative of the Russian Federation.

The occupant, while using foul language and insults against women, started humiliating Ukrainian people, boasting about how the Russian Federation occupies territories in the 21st century, and said that he had allegedly fought against Ukraine in Donbas and "killed people like you".


"You dumb fucks who don't understand a fuckin' thing. You're all over the place with kids... Do you want to be destroyed in politics? Tell me what territories they're occupying, you fool! Tell us what territories... We already went, all of us, we were there (in Donbas. - Ed.). Shall I show you the work? How many of you have I wiped out! How many fuckin' "weenies" have I killed! They're fucked up. I spend the money I got, you know how many I've killed?," he shouted.

The video cuts off at this point. Whether Turkish security intervened in what was going on is unknown.

To recall, earlier a video with an argument between a cab driver and a passenger in Kharkiv appeared on the network. The girl's request to turn off the Russian music and her remark that listening to the music of the aggressor state after almost a year and a half of full-scale war is wrong, infuriated the cab driver. He went so far as to call Ukraine "country 404," and gave the Ukrainian-speaking woman unsolicited "advice": "go to Western Ukraine and talk in the backward Ukrainian language there.

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