DIU: Kyiv has become a sacred target and the occupiers still have enough resources to strike

The DIU believes that Kyiv has become a sacred target for the occupiers

Ukrainian intelligence believes that Kyiv has become a sacred target for the occupation forces of the aggressor country Russia, which is why the capital is often subjected to rocket attacks. At the same time, the occupiers have changed their shelling tactics compared to the winter.

They are now using hybrid tactics to attack Kyiv - they can use attack drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles simultaneously. Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, said this in an interview with UP.

"Previously, shelling took place all over Ukraine, but now the enemy is choosing key targets. And Kyiv has become a sacred target for the Putin regime today," he said.

At the same time, Yusov stressed that the occupiers have the resources to shell the capital of Ukraine. However, we are not talking about the kind of shelling that took place in the winter, when Russia dreamed of staging a blackout in Ukraine and sowing panic.

According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the aggressor country still has the ability to produce new missiles. Russians can produce about 30 Kalibr missiles per month. As for Iskanders and Kinzhals, their number is many times less.

The day before, Yusov said that the main target of Russia's terrorist missile attacks remains the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The enemy has a specific list of targets they would like to hit in Kyiv, but they usually don't care where they hit with their missiles or drones.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in May 2023, more than 250 enemy air objects were destroyed in the skies over Kyiv by air defence forces. In particular, these included 7 Kinzhal aerial ballistic missiles and 169 UAVs.

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