Detained and sent to camps: the occupiers want to throw men from the occupied territories into the war against Ukraine - Malyar

The occupiers want to throw men from the occupied territories into the war against Ukraine

The Russian terrorist army is trying to create reserves from local residents of the temporarily occupied territories. This is how the enemy intends to replenish the forward units of its troops, which suffer heavy casualties in manpower every day.

Notably, in some settlements in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, Russian invaders are rounding up and detaining local residents. This was reported in Telegram by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar.

According to her, during the raids all detainees are tested for their loyalty to the occupation regime, and men who are of an age to be called up for military service are arrested on far-fetched pretexts. After that, the arrested are sent to specially equipped field camps, where criminals brought from Russian prisons are already kept who agreed to participate in the hostilities.

Malyar noted that several such camps are currently set up near Rogovo and Mozhnyakovka, Luhansk Region, to which consignments of recruited prisoners are transported under escort from Russia. Local men detained for minor offenses and who have not agreed to support the occupiers are being held with them.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry also warned that the number of personnel in the camps is expected to increase by the end of May with the arrival of two more batches of prisoners from Russia, convicted primarily of committing murder with particular cruelty. To date, there are more than 800 people in these camps, with whom intensive combat training activities are being conducted, which are scheduled to be completed within one month.

After the prisoners pass the combat training course, they will be contracted for mandatory participation in combat operations in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Recall that in temporarily occupied Mariupol, the invaders began to mobilize men for the war against Ukraine. Reportedly, the local "military registration and enlistment office" has already sent the first batch of men to undergo a medical commission.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russian occupiers, due to insane losses at the front, are trying to compensate for them in any way they can. In particular, in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk Region, the Russians hope to replenish their forces at the front from June 2023 with schoolchildren who will be 18 years old and graduates of higher educational institutions.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Russia has taken to recruiting orphans for the war against Ukraine. Young Russians who do not have families are lured with promises of housing;

- Military registration and enlistment offices in Russia have started a new "hunt" for Russians, and contracts for service in the occupation army are forced to be signed not only forcibly, but also by deception - while voicing plans to take over the entire Ukraine. However, the fact is obvious: the losses of the Russian army are so great that the odious "figures" of the aggressor country have to admit it.

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