Defense forces destroyed 10 Russian SRG boats in the south in a day

The AFU destroyed 10 enemy SRG boats

The Defense Forces of southern Ukraine destroyed 10 boats of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy, a large-caliber gun and 5 units of armored vehicles over the day. 40 invaders were eliminated.

The speaker of the Defense Forces of the South Natalia Humeniuk said this on the air of the TV marathon on August 19. "Our counter-battery fight is quite powerful. 10 enemy boats were destroyed over the past 24 hours. These are attempts (of the enemy. - Ed.) to maneuver between the islands," she said.

Humeniuk added that the boats were almost all civilian, re-equipped for the needs of the SRG. The occupants used them to maneuver between the islands, conduct rotation, bring ammunition or scout the direction of the AFU's operations.

Defense forces destroyed 10 Russian SRG boats in the south in a day

"They tried to make such maneuvers, but each time our work was very apt. 40 occupants followed the course of the Russian warship, one large-caliber gun and 5 units of armored vehicles were destroyed", Humeniuk said.

According to her, there is still no noticeable change in the front line in the south, as the AFU must first provide security to the military, which will maneuver along the left bank.

"Therefore, this counter-battery fight is aimed at cleaning out all the stocks of such boats, which can still harm our units. We destroy them first and then we go ourselves," she explained.

The speaker of the Southern Defense Forces said that the enemy launched a surface missile carrier with 8 Kalibr missiles into the Black Sea on the evening of August 19. It was probably a diversionary maneuver, as the attack took place later in the northern direction with the use of kamikaze drones "somewhere from the Kursk direction," Humeniuk said.

The night in the south was very hectic as the occupiers try to increase shelling. The occupiers are trying to pressure the civilian population amid a shortage of shells and logistical problems.

"10 settlements in our area of responsibility were under fire over the past combat day, some repeatedly. Five people were wounded and one civilian was killed. More than 30 private houses and apartment buildings were damaged or destroyed to the ground. The enemy is aimed at residential neighborhoods as always. This is mainly the right bank of the Kherson region, as well as the Ochakiv direction," the representative of the Defense Forces of the south said.

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

- The occupiers shelled a village near Kherson on the evening of August 18. A man was killed.

- Russian troops attacked the village of Virivka and Beryslav in the Kherson region on the morning of August 18. Three people were wounded, including a minor girl.

- According to the General Staff of the AFU, about 500 occupants were killed and 59 units of their equipment were destroyed over the past day.

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