"Cotton is burning and will continue to burn": SBU comments on the liquidation of collaborator Didovodyuk and his daughter. Exclusive photos

The traitor was on a special account with the occupiers

The Security Service of Ukraine commented on the liquidation of collaborator Serhiy Didovodyuk and his daughter in Zaporizhzhia on June 2. They noted that all the details will be disclosed after Ukraine wins the war, and until then, "cotton" will continue to burn in the occupied territories.

This was reported to OBOZREVATEL by the SBU press service. "We will be able to tell you all the details of the 'cotton' after our victory. But, given some of the cases that are taking place in the temporarily occupied territories, collaborators must understand that it is better for them to be in a Ukrainian prison than at a Kobzon concert. As the SBU Head Vasyl Malyuk has repeatedly emphasised, 'cotton' has been burning, is burning and will continue to burn," the agency said.


Earlier, the media, citing sources, reported that the SBU was behind the liquidation of collaborators in Zaporizhzhia region. Didovodyuk was not only the owner of the 'Hetman' cafe, which was 'squeezed' from the rightful owners, where he fed the occupiers, but also the 'deputy head' of the 'We Are Together with Russia' headquarters.

He was a member of the invaders' narrow circle of confidants, resolved personnel issues and wrote denunciations of patriots, personally indicating who should be tortured.


The explosives were planted in the Niva in which Didovodyuk was travelling with his wife and 33-year-old daughter Yana, an active collaborator, "deputy head of the civil administration" of Mykhaylivka, who was in charge of the "referendum" in the village. Didovodyuk and his daughter were killed immediately, and the collaborator's wife was injured, according to media reports.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- In the evening of June 2, a powerful explosion occurred in occupied Mykhailivka. Didovodyuk's car was parked near a cafe where the invaders liked to gather. Didovodyuk was one of the first to support the Russian army after the occupation of Mykhailivka. He even demonstratively handed over the weapons he had received as a territorial defence fighter to the enemy.

- Didovodyuk was on a special account with the occupiers. He fed and watered them, organised feasts for VIP collaborators.

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