"Cotton" in the temporarily occupied Dzhankoi: there are kamikaze drone hits in the area of the airbase and the railroad. Video

Explosions were heard in Dzhankoi in the evening of March 20

Several explosions occurred in the temporarily Russian-occupied Crimea on the evening of Monday, March 20. In particular, they were heard in the occupied city of Dzhankoi: there, drones attacked the railroad, one of the supply routes of the Russian army. Also, explosions were recorded near the military airbase.

According to local Telegram channels, the "cotton" ("bavovna") struck around 9:00 p.m. The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine said that the explosion destroyed Russian Kalibr-NK cruise missiles during their transportation by rail.

As written on social media, several other explosions allegedly rang out in the vicinity of the military camp. According to the author, the occupiers raised helicopters in the air, and ambulances drove to the area of the airbase. In addition, according to the report, a fire was seen.


Warning! The video contains profanity!


At the same time, the "Crimean wind" channel wrote that a drone was spotted in Dzhankoi before the explosions.

"It is reported that there is an explosion in Dzhankoi. And some kind of drone was spotted before that. And before that, there were aircraft flying around near Yevpatoria, back and forth, back and forth. The airbase in Novofedorivka was overexcited," the message said.


The channel also published a video that shows the sounds of gunfire in Dzhankoi. Probably, the occupiers tried to shoot down the drone. "Do you hear shooting in Dzhankoi? They're just shooting into the sky. The sky attacked Dzhankoi," the authors wrote.


Russian "war correspondents" have already responded to the data and said that allegedly four explosions were heard and "the Russian army repelled the enemy's strike."

At the same time, propaganda media of the aggressor country wrote that there were allegedly eight explosions and that "the air defense system repelled the attack of Ukrainian UAVs."

Drone wreckage allegedly fell in a private residential sector, and a light outage near School No.7 happened, the propagandists wrote.


Social media also published a photo of the allegedly destroyed grocery store as a result of the UAV attack on Dzhankoi.


"The 'head' of the occupation administration of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, stated that the air defense system allegedly 'worked' in the area of the city. According to him, the debris damaged a house and a store, one person was injured.

"The consequences are now being assessed, compensation decisions will be made. I am at my workplace, coordinating the work of all departments," he wrote.


An advisor to the "head" of the Russian-occupied peninsula stated that the power grids in Dzhankoi were damaged as the result of explosions. He also showed a photo of the wreckage of the downed drone.


Recall, the Crimean peninsula, which Russia has turned into a huge military base over the years of its occupation, is being intensively prepared for defense against a counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, said that Russian occupation troops have already gone on the  defense, including those in Crimea. According to the Defense Minister, the fact that the Russians are building fortifications and digging trenches is a good sign because even the enemy believes in the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, on March 1, explosions occurred in the temporarily occupied Crimea. They were so strong that the walls in the houses of local residents shook, and car alarms went off.

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