Collaborators are preparing an algorithm for escape from the seized part of Zaporizhzhia region: they are going to destroy documents

The enemy does not rule out a scenario of
The enemy does not rule out a scenario of "evacuation" from Zaporizhzhia region

Collaborators, who cooperated with the enemy in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region, are working out scenarios for their escape. Apparently, they are frightened by the future counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

This was stated by the Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov in Telegram. He learned from the residents that the illegal occupation "authorities" and other traitors are working on an algorithm for "evacuation".

"There is increasing talk among the collaborators about the ways of 'evacuation' and the obligation to destroy the documents of the occupying authorities before fleeing," the mayor of Melitopol wrote.

"I wonder if this is still 'no panic' or already 'alarming,'" the Ukrainian official joked.


As a reminder: earlier, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar stated that Russian invaders intimidate Ukrainian citizens in Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions with a counterattack by the AFU. The occupiers are trying to convince Ukrainians that they will be subjected to "punitive measures" in the event of de-occupation. This is how the aggressor country is trying to force Ukrainians to leave for the Russian Federation and occupied Crimea.

The front line in the south of Ukraine

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- The active digging of trenches by the Russian military in the temporarily seized Crimea indicates not only that they are preparing for a counterattack by the AFU. The creation of defense lines in the coastal zones may also mean that the occupiers together with the Gauleiter want to launder money one last time.

- The UC Yug earlier urged Crimeans to prepare for a "hot" summer, not the holiday season. The inevitability of the battle for Crimea is now obvious even to the Russian military.

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